5 apps that pay daily & weekly

5 Delivery Apps That Pay Every Single Day

Finding a job can be stressful, especially when bills are piling up and no money is coming in. Bills don’t stop just because you are jobless. The significant thing is today with the rise of apps you can now sign Read more


Uber Vs Lyft: The New Game in Transportation

Uber, the controversial ride-sharing service, and Lyft, the relatively popular and cheap taxi service, are facing fierce competition in the taxi services market. Just who is the major player in the Uber-landscape? Uber is a new ride-sharing service that began Read more


The Power of Catch Sales, Sale and Hit the Pavement to Chase Your Dream

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Should You Invest In Bitcoin?

With the price of bitcoin going up and down by the minute, it is an unfortunate reality that most investors will never get in on the ground floor of the cryptocurrency market. As a matter of fact, I feel there Read more

DoorDash Driver

Now that Doordash has taken over its competitor Caviar for $410 million, what does that mean for the drivers?

DoorDash who was founded in 2013 has now acquired their rival delivery app Caviar for $410 million. Caviar is a Square company who started in 2013 as a food delivery company. Doordash is already a leading food delivery service that Read more

Ritual App Review: Is it Really Convenient?

The Ritual app is a food ordering app that was created for working people, entrepreneurs and people on the go. No more waiting in long lines in restaurants during busy times of the day. Just head to the front counter, Read more

Shop From Hundreds of Klarna Stores and Pay Later No Credit Check Required

Absolutely everyone in the world is going to like Klarna. So, what is Klarna? Klarna is a Sweden bank. They provide online financial services for consumers and businesses. Furthermore, it is an app that will allow you to shop online Read more

5 Reasons A DoorDash Delivery Driver Should Use A Bicycle

1. Earn Extra Income Many people take bikes for granted. Having a bicycle is a profitable investment. Many people deliver food and goods on a bicycle or scooter and earn money daily. Many delivery apps like DoorDash, UBER Eats, and Read more

3 Simple Reasons Why You Should Drive For UBER

1) Weekly Pay  I don’t know about you but when a job offers weekly pay that makes me even more excited about taking this job on! Weekly paying jobs are hard to come by and all the more reasons to Read more

8 Legitimate Apps That Pay You To Shop At Your Favorite Stores

Today, with all the new technology and apps emerging, making money is becoming easier and easier. Apps are great for entrepreneurs, stay at home moms, college students, or anyone looking to earn additional dough in their unoccupied time. Tasks that Read more