20 Ways to Make Quick DOUGH Online for Hustlers

First, life can get stressful and being broke or strapped for cash can either make or break you. If you run short on funds to frequently, keep reading to find apps that can make you money while you are sleeping.

 There are so many ways you can earn money from your fingertips, selling online and through apps downloaded to your phone.

The problem with most people living paycheck to paycheck is just that – they depend on an employer solely. A job is just that a J.O.B- Just Over Broke. Most workers make just about enough to pay their bills, food and household necessities. In this world, especially in these times, you need multiple streams of income to live peacefully and comfortably without too much stress.

The primary reason people depend on one job is that they don’t know of any other ways to make money. Some people think making money without a job is literally impossible, but that is far from the truth. Check out 20 ways below to earn extra or full-time cash.

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You can make money. Check out sites and apps below.

  1. OfferUp is the largest mobile marketplace app and website where you can put up belongings you don’t want or need in your local area and make cash. Someone makes you an offer, you accept it, meet the person and collect the cash. Simple.
  2. Fiverr is one of my favorite websites for freelancers and one of the largest, economical, friendly marketplaces for digital freelance services starting at $5.
  3. Poshmark lets you sell your clothes online through their online consignment store. No matter your size – from junior to a plus size you can sell and shop at 70% off retail price.
  4. Etsy is a marketplace for vintage and handmade crafts and items that are unique and one of a kind. From personalized gifts to handmade jewelry, Etsy makes it easy to sell your individuality.
  5. Zazzle offers the largest custom design marketplace. From wedding invitations to iPhone cases or photo personalized pillow covers, Zazzle lets you create and sell from the tips of your finger.
  6. Wish Local is a great way to sell your fashion styles online but to local buyers. Easily start an online business selling your clothes and accessories you no longer want.
  7. Letgo has now merged with the OfferUp app. Both apps let you reach thousands of local buyers and sellers. From old furniture to cars, let go of stuff you don’t need and earn cash from it.
  8. Snap Sale: Snap a photo of your product, tag it, and await responses. Share picture messages to users via chat who are interested in your item for up for snag.
  9. Dreamstime: Take a perfect photo and sell it to the leading stock photo community. A photographer’s number one selling marketplace for selling high-quality photography.
  10. Kixify: Do you have a lot of sneakers just taking up space, collecting dust? Sell your new or old school kicks to other sneaker-heads on Kixify, the biggest sneakers online community.
  11. Shopify: Interested in starting an online business? Shopify gives you full access to run an e-commerce store and sync with other online selling platforms like Amazon or Etsy. Manage your products, track sales and accept mobile payments from your store.
  12. Listia lets you list anything and everything you want to get rid of. List it, sell it, or trade it. Instead of getting paid cash, you get credits where you can sell what you want for what you would like.
  13. Cashify gives you cash for old phones, tablets, television and other gadgets you have. Meet up with interested buyers and get cash for your unwanted electronics.
  14. SellBackBooks.com is good for college students looking for quick extra cash. Sell your old textbooks and get more cash than what your college campus bookstore will pay.
  15. Life Points US Take surveys and earn rewards for things you want to buy or get online. This mobile survey app rewards those who answer quick surveys of services or technology on demand.
  16. Cash Crate Update: CashCrate is no longer a paid website.
  17. Slice of Pie pays for your opinion on music, toys, logos and company branding. Get your money twice a week, on Tuesday and Friday via PayPal.
  18. Treasure Trooper pays to complete offers and surveys. Cash-out at $25. Get paid via PayPal.
  19. Vindale Research pays for you to complete surveys. Earn at least $50 to get paid. They pay twice a month on the 15th and 3oth. Get paid $5 for every friend you refer.
  20. Takl: Complete minor tasks and jobs for businesses or homes in your local area. Complete tasks like mowing lawns, cleaning houses or apartments, or Hauling away old items, cleaning pools, pet sitting, building websites, designing logos and tutoring. Takl has over 400 pre-priced jobs for you to choose from. You can set your own hours and be your own boss.

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