8 Legitimate Apps That Pay You To Shop At Your Favorite Stores

Today with all the new technology and apps emerging, making money is becoming easier and easier. Furthermore, apps are great for entrepreneurs, stay at home moms, college students or anyone looking to earn additional dough in their unoccupied time.

Tasks that will be completed will range from small jobs including shopping, painting, cleaning to a secret shopper. Once the gig or task is completed, receive gift cards or cash. There are dozens of apps that offer ways to make money. Check out 8 below.

Earn Money With Apps


Gigwalk helps businesses collect marketing data for their company. They have people visit stores and restaurants to ask questions and collect data. It’s kind of like being a secret shopper. Start earning with Gigwalk as soon as the app is downloaded.

Once the app is downloaded, start accepting offers from your dashboard to get paid jobs. All payments are made via PayPal as soon as the job is completed.


Become a dog walker for Wag. Wag is an app for dog lovers. In addition, to people who have some background and knowledge of the canine.  The app connects dog walkers to people in their local area who need a dog walker or dog sitter. Simply download the wag app and accept dog walking offers.

However, the application is pretty lengthy because applicants must pass an assessment test about dogs and safety-ness. Also, applicants have to complete a harness and collar test especially if people will be walking dogs. Furthermore, dog walkers and sitters are earning up to $25/hr with the wag app.

Task Rabbit

Task Rabbit duties include yard work, cleaning, assembling, painting, moving and packing.  Also, you will be an independent contractor and work and control your schedule. Taskers will get notified via the app of jobs nearby. Easily accept or decline them. Also, working with Task Rabbit you can grow your business and clientele.

Field Agent

Field Agent offers fun and easyily paid assignments such as being a mobile auditor and market researcher. Also, your duty as an agent will be to audit stores for marketing purposes. Some duties may include simply just checking how shelves and stocking look at stores and answer questions about certain products. Pay is usually between $3-$14 per task.


Handy’s app is great for professional cleaners looking to gain more clientele. Also, you can get access to hundreds of jobs in your city. You can set your own hours and get direct deposit payments. Cleaners can make up to $22/hour and handymen can earn over $45/hour. Additionally, professionals are earning $1,000/week with the Handy app. Of course, the Handy app completes background checks on all its candidates.


Takl app has jobs for just about everything. Furthermore, jobs include cleaning, painting, running errands and even yard work. Most importantly pay is through Stripe. Takl will get your jobs for the day and deposit funds into your account 3 days later.

Easy Shift

Similarly to Gig Walk and Field Agent, Easy Shift allows people to complete surveys on the app or by completing small jobs. Jobs will be like taking 4-6 pictures of the location or display. Earn up to $22 per shift completing market research survey assignments or surveys. Lastly, the pay is via PayPal within 48 hrs.


Ibotta works with over 300 restaurants, theaters, home and pet stores, and pharmacies nationwide. It’s easy to earn cash with Ibotta by linking your loyalty rewards card and going shopping on your mobile. First, simply browse offers and add the offers you like. Secondly, get offers and take pictures of receipts. Thirdly, receive cashback after qualified purchases. Lastly, cashback earnings are deposited within 48 hours.

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