Once You Become A Dasher Use A Bicycle

1. Earn Extra Income

One reason you should become a dasher is that you don’t need a car. Many people take bikes for granted. Having a bicycle is a profitable investment. Many people deliver food and goods on a bicycle or scooter and earn money daily.

A bike courier or scooter courier will travel 0.7 miles up to 3 miles per trip. Most trips are relatively close to the restaurant. Most bikers have a backpack cooler bag to keep the food in, like the UBER Eats delivery courier in the picture below.

Delivery apps like DoorDash are hiring and looking for couriers all the time. You can earn $25 an hour delivering food with your bike. Check out 5 reasons below why a DoorDash delivery driver should use a bicycle.

2. Become A Dasher and Save on Gas

When you take another alternative than your car, you are definitely saving on gas. That means more money in your pocket. It’s estimated that an average American spends more than $700 annually on gas just commuting to work. Moreover, it’s a great way to keep mileage, tire wear and tear control and avoiding any expensive repair cost should your car become over exhausted.

3. Help Stop Pollution

Using a bike or scooter to deliver food and goods helps with decreasing pollution. Also, bikes don’t release all those harmful pollutions that motor vehicle releases while in use.

4. Lose Weight

Choosing to and become a dasher and ride a bike is a great alternative and healthy approach. Studies show that opting to ride a bike has many benefits. Using a bicycle helps weight loss strengthens legs and plays a role in the overall body function and well-being.

5. Explore Different Restaurants

Driving your bike or scooter for a living opens up a whole new insight into the community you call home. Imagine spending time outdoors, enjoying the weather, feeling the wind on a sunny day.

Spending time outdoors is good for the mental and physical, and visiting unknown places in your neighborhoods can excite too. Partnering with delivery apps driving your bike or scooter is a win-win, you get financially compensated and doing good for the environment and your pockets.

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