Now that Doordash has taken over its competitor Caviar for $410 million, what does that mean for the drivers?

DoorDash Driver

DoorDash who was founded in 2013 has now acquired their rival delivery app Caviar for $410 million. Caviar is a Square company who started in 2013 as a food delivery company. Doordash is already a leading food delivery service that has now expanded it services to high end restaurants. Caviar is in 15 cities like San Francisco, Chicago, and Los Angeles just to name a few. Will DoorDash expand Caviar delivery services to more cities now that they have acquired it?Β 

Hopefully for the Caviar drivers this change will be better for them. A lot of Caviar drivers don’t know what to expect now that DoorDash has taken over Caviar. Some wonder will the pay be the same? Will they still use the cash app for instant pay? Will the bonuses and milestones continue with Caviar?

DoorDash CEO Tony Xu said in a statement that they have been long-admirers of Caviar, so Doordash has always had their eye on Caviar. Caviar drivers are waiting to see what the changes will be, and if they will continue delivering for Caviar depending on the changes DoorDash makes.

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