Become a Dasher and Earn $240 in 9 hours On A Bike


Many people ask why did I Become a Dasher? The anser simple. More earnings. I was working a 9-5 earning $13 an hour. I needed to supplement my income, so I tried DoorDash. I never looked back. I love the freedom of earning what I want, when I want with no limits. Another significant thing about doing deliveries is that you don’t need a car. Especially with DoorDash.

Watch video below and see how I earned $240 in 9 hours doing deliveries with DoorDash. All my deliveries were on a bike (I was trying to lose some quarantine pounds).

Also, watch video of how I earned $30 an hour during deliveries for GrubHub.

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My name is L.A and I'm an entrepreneur. My hobbies are earning extra cash and having multiple streams of income. Hope you enjoy my website and find ways to save and earn extra cash.

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