Credit Sesame To Repair Your Credit Score

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Approve Your Credit For Free

Credit Sesame is a loan and credit company that offers customers their credit scores for free. They also allow their customers to earn money just for improving their scores. You can earn up to $100 in 30 days! Simply use a debit card and bank account to build credit with Credit Sesame. Moreover, customers can track and manage their credit scores free of charge.

Sesame Cash Credit Builder

The new program is free to apply, and it won’t affect your credit score. Once you apply and get approved, you will need to add at least $25 to your credit builder debit card. Use the debit card for your everyday purchases and Credit Sesame will report them to the bureaus as on-time payments to help build your credit history and score.

Get Cash As Your Score Increases

Credit will help them by rewarding them with cash when their scores increase, and they will be improving their credit by using a debit card and bank account, with no separate credit card. Tracking your credit score is important, and Credit Sesame is 100% free. They require no credit or debit card to sign up.

Moreover, there is no credit check, and no hard pull on credit score. Credit Sesame is a great way to pay off debts and repair your credit score. Once you repair your credit score, you can apply for auto, mortgage, and other low interest loans. Every month, they send you your credit score. Furthermore, you can monitor your credit for identity theft. Especially with such breaches like Target and Equifax had. If you see something on your credit that is fraudulent, you can instantly dispute it with Credit Sesame.

The one significant thing about Credit Sesame is it gives you up to $50,000 in identity theft insurance with your free account! Their premium plans offer up to 1,000,000 in identity theft insurance coverage. Most people don’t know they offer it free. There are over 60 different FICO scores. Most creditors check your FICO 8 score. Credit Sesame doesn’t give you your exact FICO score because they are not the FICO company, but it’s a general score they provide. Most people use Credit Sesame mainly for credit monitoring or credit disputes. Nonetheless, it’s a free account, and you can stay on top of your credit.

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