5 Reasons You Should Drive For UBER + A FREE Education

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UBER is the only ride-share and delivery app that pays for its partner to have a free education. Moreover, it is one of the first and biggest ride-share platforms. Its biggest competition is Lyft, but UBER offers many ways to earn extra cash in your spare or full time unlike Lyft. See why you should consider signing up for UBER to earn extra money, and get a free education.

5 Reasons You Should Consider Partnering With UBER

Sign Up To Deliver For Uber Eats
  • If you don’t want to do ride-share, UBER also has UBER Eats where people can deliver food from their local area and earn extra cash at their leisure.
  • The awesome thing about UBER is that you can actually work anywhere. So for instance if you travel out of town and want to earn some extra cash, you simply just go online and start earning cash. While you are on vacation spending money, you can be making money as well.
  • UBER will pay 100% of your education or a family member’s education through Arizona State University Online courses. This is super awesome and a great way for parents to save money on their children education especially if they are graduating soon. Who can beat getting their tuition 100% paid while getting paid. It’s a win – win!
  • Don’t have a car. No problem, you can rent a car through Hertz to drive for UBER. The cost is around $240 a week or more that is taken directly from your weekly earnings. Furthermore, you can keep the same car up to 90 days. So, if you don’t have a car and need one this a great way to earn money and also have transportation.
  • Daily Pay! Daily pay is great when you need money NOW. UBER allows it drivers to cash out daily, up to five times a day. Most 9-5 jobs pay weekly or bi-weekly. UBER pays its partners every single day.

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